A Martyer of Womb

Yet to come to the land they had occupied
Playing there in my dark palace , kicking its walls with my tiny, weak limbs
Yes I was in my mother’s womb
No stones  , no grenades, no AK-47
No protest , I swear
But for my Occupier I was a terrorist
A terrorist in hiding ;in mothers womb
They kicked her and my palace was crumbled
A few warning shots
An offer for surrender?
Frightened, I cried
And what reached their ears was not cries
But a protest , a slogan “We want Freedom”
And to them I had turned down the offer
Irritated, they fired a volley of bullets
An encounter erupted in a mother’s womb
Womb? No longer ! A battlefield now…
Determined,I shouted louder “We want Freee…”
Before a bullet choked me, pierced my tiny (rib)cage
A bullet of the size of my height
Another hit my cartilaginous skull
And there I lay gunned down in the battlefield
All alone , unattended…
Few minutes and the Police chief tweeted,
“Terrorists hiding  in a womb gunned down at Kunan Poshpora , Well done boys…”
Do you remember who I am?
I am the martyr of womb; of the tragedy you call Kunan Poshpora Mass Rape.
– Kaiser Farooq Banday  (Al Tamash)
Poet is an MBBS student at GMC Srinagar and hails from Beerwah Budgam.
He can be reached at medicostudent001@gmail.com
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