From Dawn To Dusk.


Wait in a long journey came to an end
Eagerly, a dull scheme make quick wend

Rain flashing in a coat of white
Coldness around, & sign of candle light

Nightingale with a melodic alarm song
Impressive range of whistles & gurgles, live daylong

Breeze & sun flared all around
Making deserted rows to resound

Refreshing noon brings the taste of day
The heaps of cloud thrown away

Tone of sealed rays being heard
But the coding, still & blurred

Now, the sun went off to have a rest
Hiding behind the mountains, in a quest

The sky with stars serve joy to moon
Either of two, in dark is a natural boon.

Writes: Sheikh Asif (Author hails from Chewdara, Beerwah and is nowadays preparing for NEET).

The Words are authors own. Kashmir Prism takes no stand on this.