Google Play Cancels Royal passes purchased in PUBG due to technical glitch


Players Unknown Battleground is one of the most played games in current era. It is also most favorite action game among youngsters throughout the world. Due to its craze PUBG provides some in-app purchases like Outfits, royal passes & colourful skins. Gamers spend amounts of money to buy these packages through Google Play Store.

Recently PUBG rolled out its Royal Pass season 6 with the base price 600uc (Unknown cash) which is equivalent to ₹799. For buying this pack a user get 60uc cash in advance which can be lately used for some other purchases. But many users bought Royal paas season 6 free of any cost by a technical glitch in Google Play.

Almost a week ago a reward/gift code went viral on Social Media claiming to provide 8100uc for free. For claiming this offer user had to make some minor changes in his/her Google account. Many users grabbed the offer and bought royal passes while other kept a store of uc unknown cash in there PUBG accounts for future purposes.

After this glitch PUBG had stopped all of its users from buying uc for almost 20 hours

Due to this technical glitch PUBG got affected and to overcome this Google Play recently emailed all of those users who bought uc for free. The email reads

“Thank you for being a Google Play user and for playing PUBG MOBILE.

Due to a recent technical issue in India, Google Play’s promotions system erroneously issued discounts for purchases in some apps, including PUBG MOBILE. These discounts had a significantly higher monetary value than was advertised.

Unfortunately, as the discounts were the result of a technical issue, we are unable to honor them. We will be cancelling these orders, and have asked the developer of PUBG MOBILE to deduct the value of these cancelled orders from your PUBG MOBILE account. The developer of PUBG MOBILE has informed us that while these deductions are being made, your account may be unavailable for up to 60 minutes.

Next week, you will receive a notification with a replacement discount offer that matches the originally advertised offer. We regret the inconvenience and confusion to you and the PUBG MOBILE player community.

For further questions please contact Google Play.”

Most of the users also faced problems while connecting to PUBG. The error on their mobile screens reads:

” Google Play purchase data rollback unlocks on YYYY-MM-DD xx:xx:xx Please contact our customer services if you have any questions”