Peace or Revenge? We are Human First.

By Towheed Shakil
I am filled with pain and grief! Because human blood is human blood be it of a Kashmiri or a non-Kashmiri.
I feel sorry for the nation that it hasn’t been able to settle the disputes, everyday people are being killed in my valley. Nearly 600 people including civilians, Militants & Soldiers have been killed here in Kashmir since early last year.
The people will suffer, bloodshed will continue, Civilians, militants & soldiers will die every day until the Kashmir dispute is resolved. I hope it ends one day.
The recent IED Attack on CRPF has shaken the world which left 40 CRPF men Killed. “Human life matters” We are humans first. As a Kashmiri there is nothing new in this incident for me because in Kashmir innocent people are being killed every day, we touch the dead bodies of our near & dear ones every day, we see the blood streets everyday.
In Kashmir the Pakistani militants fight for their own cause, Kashmiri rebels fight for their own & soldiers for their own. But the parties which get benefitted from all of these fights & bloodshed are Political parties, And the ruling government take advantage of the same. So who suffers?  A common man suffer. Political parties will blame each other for this incident, they will politicize this incident, they will blame Pakistan for this,  they will talk about revenge. But sadly this is not gonna help in any way. They even know who carried this attack!  He was a Kashmiri militant Adil Ahmad Dar from Pulwama.
No one would like to know why people like Dr Manan Wani PhD Scholar and other educatedKashmiriss joined militancy?  And why Dr Shah Faisal resigned from Indian administrative service (IAS).
So I appeal to the Indian government don’t politicize the pulwama attack. Focus on Kashmiri youth. System needs to know how to stop everyday killings in Kashmir instead of blaming the neighbouring countries for the same. Bloodshed will never be a solution,  todays youth are mostly educated & education never teach us to hate anyone. India controls Kashmir by deploying 700,000 security men across the state. We feel fear everyday, we have to face death everyday.
The mob who beat & kicked out the Kashmiri people claim that the Kashmiri people living or studying outside are responsible for the IED attack on CRPF men. Does that mean Kashmiri who are outside the valley killed 40 CRPF men?
Really! (Logo ko gumraah karne kaa sahi tarika hai)
Now you people will incite the Government & Government will order the armed forces for revenge & again CRPF men will get killed! ( Ab joo marega phir se tumhare ghar ka too nai marega)
Ask your government war will not bring back these Soldiers but solving the kashmir issue will ensure that more soldiers don’t die in future.
Every indian should ask why the dispute hasn’t been solved since last three decades.
After this attack, the Prime Minister of India gave full powers to the Indian Army to revenge for the CRPF persons killed. But the revenge will create more militants in Kashmir & will lead to more bloodshed & a new cycle of militancy.
After this attack, the people of Kashmir some working & some studying outside the state are being thrashed, abused & harassed. Fearing for there lives many are on the run & were asked to leave the place. This atmosphere will certainly spread hate between people of Kashmir and people of other states! This is the reason kashmiri never feel safe outside Kashmir, we face a lot.
Now the question is:  Are we safe in India?  The answer is No we aren’t. Almost the entire Kashmir population has been alienated from India due to the stupidity of our political leaders for decades and people become part of it. India should find solutions and educated youth of India should try to investigate what actually is the root story of Kashmir. Ignore politics, use your brain to study the story of Kashmir since bloodshed begun.
At the end I say stop spreading hate, stop terrorising kashmiri people, we are peace loving, let us remain so.
And Let’s not allow our humanity to be snatched from us. We are human first!
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