Poem: Mom! Do you see me?


Umer beta, Dint i promise to always love u,

In whosoever u decide to be, Dint i promise to be there for u,

For u always, Why did u go then?

Dont the way i used to look at u,

The way i used to speak with u,

The way i treated u,

Reflect the truth I have loved u since forever.

Why did u go then?

Cruel lives’ journeys have bid us apart

Do u still believe in my promises?

Why did u go then?

Mom, hay mom I remember ua gentle hands I vl come to feel them always

Do u know where to find me,


U vll hear me in the patter of rain In the rustling of leaves In that serene cold breeze that gently lifts ua hair Makes u close ua eyes.

I vll wisper my name into the wind,

Calling u mom dont grieve We vll never truely apart,

For my foot prints are on ua heart Ua existence I vll be in ua empty hands,ua broken dreams,

Ua swollen eyes and Ua falling tears. I m Umer mom,do u see me.