POEM : Symbols of Darconian Democracy


By: Urfan Lone

Hay, you
the band of men
with all armamentarium
those nosy guns
the headgear covered heads
with knee caps
long boots

Have u come to distroy
my home,my ataraxy niche
are u paid
to let me
lose my mothers lap.
how ravenous u are
to taste cadavers
profane our souls

Do u ever think
wat ado my cuss vll bring to u
al ur relentless contrivances
vll fall in dismay,flunk
and u vll rue
all the ages left

For all these decades
u are proved a reckless swindler
and we
paragon of candid resistance.


– Urfan Lone

Urfan Lone is pursuing MBBS in Govt medical College, Srinagar. He is from Lolab, Kupwara and can be reached at : mohammadarif739@gmail.com.