POEM | You Are Still


YOU ARE STILL (Poem by Umar Rafiq)

Once upon a time
In my life you were prime
Like a mirror heart keeps those clear
The times when we used to share
Those ways still are wet
Where secretly we met
When you always held me tight
So I be not out of your sight
Here now, I can not bear
For me you are now a stranger
Tickles my mind rhyme of your lips
And your smile in my heart still chirps
I Walking alone end to end
And Your statues of memories tend
How I can say
Without you how life goes in this way
Everything changed between you and me
Not my heart for you still mad to see
Without your perfume breezes now blow
Eventually, I lost your shadow
Those short ways and long journies
It takes a period to go through these
My eyse turned close as you were nowhere
But my heart still says you are near
You have now got new ways and season
Stupid heart beat you were only its reason
Wish I knew you were not mine
I would have rubbed off the line
And the separation I cannot keep
I should go and have obsessive sleep
It is about to sunset I miss you deep
I believe one day you will do same
And regret about false blame
I be gone Then you will feel shame
I chose you to bond in my chemistry
I now keep you alive in my poetry.

    – Umar Rafiq

Umar Rafiq hails from Beerwah, Budgam. He is presently studying at Govt. Boys Higher Secondary Beerwah.

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